Library Overview

Libraries are vital to strengthening and expanding an institute and its activities. IRMA's Ravi J Matthai Library was named after Prof. Ravi J Matthai, one of the founder members of the Institute and was formally inaugurated by the then Prime Minister of India, late Shri Rajiv Gandhi, on March 22, 1986. The Ravi J. Mathai Library at IRMA is the country's most comprehensive and resourceful library in the area of rural management. India's rural sector has been subjected to inordinate changes, especially over the past two decades warranting changes in policy framework, institutional framework, and the eco-socio-political dynamics of rural society. The challenges posed by the underlying dynamics are both plentiful and daunting presenting limitless opportunities for exploration and learning.

The Ravi J Matthai Library supports the teaching and research programmes of the institute. It has built up a need-based collection to meet the information needs of the faculty and participants of various programmes of the institute. The collection includes books, journals, back volumes, project reports, microfilms, microfiche, videocassettes, maps, compact discs and state, national and international documents. It has developed an information retrieval and dissemination system for effective and efficient utilisation of the available resources. The library services happen to be fully automated through Koha software enabling searching, reporting, circulation and innumerable other functions. Linked to a campus-wide computer network the library provides easy access to faculty, students, and researchers through the intranet powered by Koha Web-OPAC. Services provided by the library include reference, library orientation, inter-library-loan, Internet access and photocopying. The library has also been subscribing to E-journals and Databases i.e. ABI-Inform (Management), EBSCO (Management, Environment, IT, Social sciences), JSTOR (Social Sciences Archives), CMIE databases (Prowess, Commodities, Economic Outlook & States of India) and, a database of Socio-Economic statistical information, EPW & EPWRF, Sage e-journals etc. The library also subscribes to DELNET services which is a helpful resource for teaching and research.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

  • Vision:
    To become a premier library in Rural Management
  • Mission:
    Provide high quality information resources in all forms to IRMA community and achieve excellence in service
  • Objective:
    To select, collect, create, organize, preserve, manage and provide access to information sources in print, non-print and digital forms, regardless of physical location, to support scholarly pursuit, learning, teaching and research in the Institute

Rules and Privileges

Library Service Hours

The library remains open on all days of the week with following timings:
Monday to Friday: 09.30 - 24.00 hrs
Saturday & Sunday: 11.00 - 24.00 hrs

Members and their Privileges

The library is primarily intended for use by faculty, students, staff, research, academic, and other members of the IRMA community. Each member is enrolled as a library member. The categories of members and their privileges are listed as follows:

    Category     Entitlement for Books     Loan Duration
    Faculty     unlimited     180 days
    PRM participants     6     15 days
    PRMX participants     6     15 days
    FPRM participants     15     45 days
    Research/Academic Associates/SRF/JRF     15     45 days
    Support Staff     10     30 days

Institutional and Alumni Membership

Various membership categories are listed below:

    Category     Annual Membership Fee & Privileges
    Institutional Fee: Rs. 10,000/-
    Book borrowing facility: Upto a maximum of 10 books allowed.
    Alumni     Deposit: Rs. 5,000/- Book borrowing facility: 5 books

Note: Granting of membership at the discretion of the Convenor, Library Committee

Download Institutional Membership Application Form: Institutional Membership
Download Alumni Membership Application Form
  • Alumni Membership Form

  • Library Rules and Regulations

    • Lending Services
      • The librarian allots the carrels available in the library to the users as per need and availability
      • Bar-coded identity cards are issued to all the participants. These identity cards are non-transferable and remain effective for the duration of their programme.Books will be issued only against the identity cards.
      • Loss of identity card should be immediately reported to the library and a duplicate will be issued only after verifying the issue record. A fee of Rs.100/- will be charged for issuing a duplicate identity card.However, the user will be responsible for any misuse of the original identity card. In case the original identity card is found, the user should return the same to the library. If the user is found using both the original and the duplicate identity cards she/he will be penalized heavily. The Convener, Library Committee, will decide about the extent of penalty.
      • Reference books and back volumes of periodicals will be available for OVERNIGHT ISSUE only. Such material(s) will have to be returned the next working day within one hour of the opening time of the library. Defaulters will be penalized at the rate of Rs.5/- per book/periodical per hour.
      • MTS/DIS/FW/OTS Reports will have to be referred to within the library. Photocopying of these reports is not allowed.
      • The timing for issue of book/periodicals and photocopying will be as follows.
        Issue of books:
        09.30 a.m. to 20.00 p.m. (Monday to Friday)
        11.00 a.m. to 20.00 p.m. (Saturday & Sunday)
        OVERNIGHT issue of loose/bound periodicals: 18.00 p.m. to 20.00 p.m.
      • New books will be issued only after complete processing
      • Participants wishing to reserve any book may contact the library staff at the circulation counter and submit a request for the required book. Such participants will be intimated about the availability of the document on its return.
      • Participants are entitled to borrow four books at a time for a period of 15 days. The books should be returned on the due date. Books may be renewed only once if there is no demand from other users. For renewing, the book(s) should be brought to the library. In case a participant leaves Anand for a long tour/leave/vacation and is not expected to return before the due date, then she/he should return or renew the book(s) issued before leaving Anand.
    • Issue and Return of the books
      • For issue of books members should present the book (s) along with their identity card to the staff at the circulation counter. A member should put his/her signature and date on the book card provided in the book pocket before the presentation. After necessary checking the library staff will issue the book by putting the due date on the due date label and return the book to the borrower. Books should be brought in physically for return and renewals. The books are discharged by replacing the book cards in the book pockets after necessary checking.
    • Overdue Charges
      • If a book is not returned to the library on the due date, the participant shall have to pay overdue charges @ Re 2/- per day. Overdue charges will be collected in cash at the circulation counter. Absence and illness are not acceptable excuses for exemption from paying an overdue charge.
      • The library can recall the books issued to a participant at any time if required. However, if a book is issued to a faculty member priority will be given to the faculty’s requirement.
      • Only two books, or as determined by the librarian, will be issued to the participants during their FW/MTS/DIS
    • Inter-Library Loan Facilities
      • For documents not available in IRMA Library, arrangements could be made to borrow them from other libraries. Materials borrowed from other libraries will be issued to the participants as per the availability. The ILL material should not be retained for more than 15 days.
    • Photocopying
      • The present rates for photocopying on A4 and A3 size paper are Re 1/- and Rs.2/- respectively. These rates are subject to change as needed from time to time.
    • General
      • Any participant who leaves the institute shall return the identity card and pay overdue charges, if any, to get the ‘NO DUES’ certificate from the Librarian.
      • Participants coming to and leaving the library will have to sign the register kept at the circulation counter in the library.
      • Personal belongings such as bags, briefcases, umbrellas, etc. are not allowed inside the library and will have to be kept at the circulation counter.
      • Participants leaving the library should allow the security staff at the property counter to examine their belongings, and also get the issued library documents counter-checked by him.
      • Participants are requested to maintain SILENCE within the library premises.
      • Smoking, chewing pan/tobacco/gutka/eatables, and having coffee/tea/snacks are not permitted inside the library
      • Participants are requested to turn their mobiles into ‘SILENT’ or ‘DISCREET’ mode while inside the library.
      • Participants will be responsible for the materials borrowed from the library. If material borrowed from the Library is lost/damaged (mutilated/disfiguring of pages), the borrower will have to replace the document or pay the replacement cost of the document. In case of out-of-print documents, the borrower will have to pay the cost of photocopying the same and also pay a fine equal to the cost of the document.
      • If a book belonging to a set is lost, the borrowers will replace the entire set at their own cost and take the remaining books of the set in the library with them.
      • Reference materials including books, current newspapers and periodicals must be used in the reference section only. Bound volumes and back issues in the periodicals section must be placed in the book trolley or adjacent table after their use. Periodicals needed for long-term use must be placed in the designated areas only.
      • Participants are requested to ensure that all the documents taken out of the library are properly issued. In case anyone is found taking out any library material without properly issuing it, the person will be heavily penalized. The Library Committee or librarian shall have the authority to debar such persons from entering the library and using its facilities until the Director and/or such body as may be deputed by the Director for overseeing the disciplinary action has cleared the matter.
    • Action under the General Rules in IRMA
      The following will be treated as misconduct to be reported to the PRM coordinator for action under the relevant rules of IRMA:
      • Unauthorized removal of library documents
      • Mutilation and disfiguring of library documents,
      • Removing pages from the library documents,
      • Non-response to the intimations of library for return of documents; and
      • Misbehaviour with the library staff on duty.

    Spread across two floors

    • First Floor:
      • Circulation, Stack Area (Lending Books), Reference Collection, Bulletin Board, Newspapers, OPAC
      • First Floor Map
    • Second Floor:
      • Print Periodicals, Research cubicles , Reading hall, Gratis Journals, Bound Volumes, Photocopy Service, Government Publications, Student Reports etc.
      • Second Floor Map