JSTOR Mobile App

1. Go to Google Play and download the JSTOR app
2. To get an account click on “MyJSTOR” in the top of the page, “My Profile” and then “Register for a MyJSTOR account
About the app:

  • You will be able to scan most of the pages, and read some abstracts and articles directly in the app.
    • You have various search options:
      • Simple search
      • Advanced search – where you can narrow your search in different ways, including by item type, data range, language and discipline
      • Browsing by subject, by title, or by publisher
    • If you create a personal account (MyJSTOR) you will be able to:
      • Export citations
      • Save your searches and be notified when new results are available
      • Download book chapters


The ECONOMIC & POLITICAL WEEKLY, published from Mumbai, India, is a journal that offers weekly commentary and research papers on public policy, politics, economics, culture. It is a platform for social scientists, activists, students and public officials to engage in analysis, debates and discussions.

A great way to read EPW on your device. FEATURES:
  • Each week’s issue available as soon as it is uploaded to the site
  • Full text of the four most recent issues for free
  • Subscribe from within the app for full access to the entire archives from 1966 onwards

The EBSCOhost mobile app

The EBSCOhost mobile app is made for the smaller screens of mobile devices, and offers the most important EBSCOhost features and functionality right in the palm of your hand, providing the same user-friendly and easy-to-use search experience that is available online.

Step 1: Get the APP

Download the free EBSCOhost app on your mobile device from within your device’s App Store. (Apple and Android only)

Step 2: Get the Validation Key

a. Launch your web browser, from within your mobile device or your computer.
b. Go to rjml.irma.ac.in
c. Click on “Search EBSCOhost Articles” in the left-hand menu
d. Log in with your college username and password
e. Click on “Continue”
f. You should arrive at the EBSCOhost Article Search Page. Now, look at the bottom of the page (in the footer) for a link titled "iPhone and Android apps”.
Note: if you are using a device that automatically simplifies pages for mobile devices you may need to select to view "full site" in order to see this link at the bottom of the page.
g. A popup will come up, asking you to input an email address. Be sure to insert an email address that you can access on your mobile device. EBSCOhost will now send a special key to this email address.

Step 3: Load the key

h. On your mobile device, open up the email you receive from ephost@epnet.com and click on the link: “tap this authentication key”.
i. That will launch the EBSCOhost application. You will now have access to EBSCOHost on your device until the key code you’ve received has expired.
j. Instructions on how to use the EBSCOhost mobile application may also be be found on the EBSCOHost website, or by doing a web search for “EBSCOhost Mobile Access.


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Ravi J Matthai Library uses EZProxy to enable you to access library e-resources from off campus, including while abroad.

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